Testimonials – 2022

I am a proud Merian woman from Mer (Murray Island) in the Torres Strait. I am in my second year studying Midwifery as an away-from-base student at the Australian Catholic University. 

This scholarship will assist me in cutting down my work hours to focus more on my studies and clinical placement and will take some financial pressure off my household.

Amy Sweedman

Category A ($5,000) Scholarship Recipient, 2022

I am a proud Wiradjuri woman and mother of three young boys. I am in my final year of study at Griffith University and I work as Midwifery cadet with Waijungbah Jarjums Maternal and Child Health. This scholarship will help me to pay day care and after school care fees for my three children so that I can attend my clinical placement.

Casey Morgan

Category A ($5,000) Scholarship Recipient, 2022

My name is Libby Beckett, I am a strong Wadja woman from Woorabinda. I am a mother of three children and I am a second year Midwifery student at Australian Catholic University. This scholarship will ease the financial burden of my household while I complete my studies and allowing me to wear upfront costs of finding stable rental accommodation for my family.

Elizabeth Beckett

Category A ($5,000) Scholarship Recipient, 2022

I am an Indigenous woman from Robinvale Victoria, Latji Latji tribe. I am studying the graduate Diploma of Midwifery at Latrobe University, Bendigo. I hope to return to my hometown and support Indigenous women though their pregnancy and postnatal journey. This scholarship will help me with traveling costs of getting to university and my clinical placements, as well as the technology needs I have in order to complete my post graduate studies.

Maryanne Thalasinos

Category A ($5,000) Scholarship Recipient, 2022

My name is Sheree Martin, I am a proud Anaiwan women currently completing my final clinical placement as a student through ACU Brisbane. This scholarship will allow me to take unpaid leave from my current job and focus on completing my final clinical placement. It will assist with before school care fees so I am able to attend morning shifts. Having very little family support means up until this scholarship, it was essential that I continued to work part time while attending placement to ensure that I could afford appropriate care for my children. It will reduce some financial stress from myself and my family but, most importantly it has ensured that I will finish my degree by the end of this year.

Sheree Martin

Category A ($5,000) Scholarship Recipient, 2022

My name is Stacey Markham and I am an Aboriginal woman who was born and raised on Darkinjung Country. My family is originally from Cowra – Wiradjuri Country and Wallaga Lake – Yuin Country. I am an away from base student, studying at The Australian Catholic University in Brisbane. This scholarship will assist me with my everyday living and travel expenses, while undertaking clinical placement.

Stacey Markham

Category A ($5,000) Scholarship Recipient, 2022

My name is Rebecca Mabo-Cohen, I’m a proud Dunghutti, Meriam, Manbarra & South Sea Island woman. I am currently in my 2nd year of Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Midwifery (honours) studies at Monash University in Melbourne, however, I grew up in beautiful North Queensland.

The scholarship will allow me the to undertake two rural placements during the course of my degree, assisting me with accommodation, travel expenses, and any other unexpected costs. It will also support me to buy a new laptop for my studies.

Rebecca Mabo-Cohen

Category A ($5,000) Scholarship, 2022

I am a proud Gungarri woman from Mitchell, Queensland, currently living in Toowoomba with my husband and two children. I work full-time in a Midwifery Group Practice model of care. This scholarship will allow me to attend the 2022 ACM Conference or continue my professional development with a short course relevant to my work.

Bonnie Foster

Category B ($1,000) Scholarship 2022

I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Midwifery at Western Sydney University, and I am now attending a Graduate Certificate in Person Centred Diabetes Care and Education. This scholarship with allow me to attend the CATSINAM National Conference and 25th Anniversary, allowing me to connect with my fellow First Nations nurses and midwives.

Brooke Toli

Category B ($1,000) Scholarship, 2022

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