Testimonials – 2020

My name is Brittney, my Aboriginal name is “Jarrak” which means red ochre, given to me to by grandfather. I am a proud Kamu and Gurindji woman from Katherine, NT. I recently relocated to Melbourne, Victoria to pursue my degree in Midwifery. I am currently completing my second year at the Australian Catholic University.

This scholarship will assist me with financial difficulties I face as a full-time student such as; transportation fees, midwifery uniforms and equipment, rural placement accommodation, and stationery for my studies.

Without the concern of financial difficulties, I will be able to apply my Midwifery practice and University studies to the best of my potential and capability.
Upon completing my degree, I will be an asset to the Indigenous Maternity community. I will strive to engage with Indigenous families by implementing Birthing on Country and in Community, enforcing continuity of care, and voicing the importance of women-centred care.

Brittney Campbell

Category A ($5,000) Scholarship Recipient, 2020

I am a proud Kamilaroi women from St George, Qld. I am in my first year of a Bachelor of Midwifery at the Australian Catholic University through the Indigenous Away from Base Midwifery Program. Becoming a Midwife has been a dream of mine for a few years now, I aim to work with women, their families and health professionals to contribute to the closing the gap initiative. 

This scholarship will support me to complete my studies by helping with the financial costs that are associated with University such as; textbooks, uniforms, travel and clinical placement.

I am very appreciative of being successful in receiving this scholarship and look forward to the next two and half years of my degree with the support of the Rhodanthe Lipsett Indigenous Midwifery Charitable Fund.

Casey Smith

Category A ($5,000) Scholarship Recipient, 2020

My name is Kady Colman, I’m a proud Wiradjuri woman. My passion is working with my mob. I’m in my third and final year of my Bachelor of Midwifery degree. I attend ACU at the Banyo, Brisbane Campus.

My final semester this year is 320 hours, this is a fulltime workload. This scholarship will allow me to be able to focus solely on my placement and be able to be financially stable during my placement. This scholarship will further allow me to attend further Midwifery training opportunities that arise to gain further education for my continuous professional development.

Kady Colman

Category A ($5,000) Scholarship Recipient, 2020

I am currently studying the Indigenous Bachelor of Midwifery through the Australian Catholic University. I am a proud Gomeroi woman and I have 6 beautiful girls. My ultimate goals for achieving Midwifery is so that I can work with women and their families during moments of profound transition and change, I want to be able to empower women to make choices about their bodies that bring them health, confidence and strengths.

The scholarship will assist me financially with purchasing the required textbooks for my current and future units while studying Midwifery. The scholarship will also help me with travel and equipment to complete my Course. The scholarship will reduce the stress and burden on my family by allowing me to keep my financial income being spent where it needs to be while using my scholarship for my studies.

Katie-Jane Squires

Category A ($5,000) Scholarship Recipient, 2020

My name is Kiara Burns, I am a proud Gimuy Wullaburra Yidinji woman from Cairns, Far North Queensland. I grew up in both Yarrabah and Cairns as a child but spent the rest of my schooling years in Cairns with my Mum.

Currently I work as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker at a large Aboriginal Medical Service and this year I have finally set out to complete a degree in Midwifery. In February 2020 I started my Bachelor in Midwifery at the Australian Catholic University Brisbane Campus, delivered through the away from base mode which still allows me to be in my Community with my family and continue to work while studying.

This scholarship will assist me by easing the financial pressure of childcare and educational supplies such as textbooks and medical equipment I will require for clinical placements.

Kiara Burns

Category A ($5,000) Scholarship Recipient, 2020

My name is Monique Mennie and I am a Bundjalung woman, but I was born and raised in Newcastle on Awabakal Country. I am a single mother of two children who are 11 and 4, both boys. I always thought I was not smart enough to attend University, but I have been given the opportunity to fulfil my dream and passion of becoming a midwife through the Australian Catholic University.  

The Rhodanthe Lipsett Scholarship will assist me so I can focus completely on my midwifery studies and it will help in many other areas including rental relief, general living expenses, help with university fees, textbooks, internet and childcare bills. By receiving the scholarship, it will ease the financial stress that is involved in attending University.

Monique Mennie

Category A ($5,000) Scholarship Recipient, 2020

My name is Naomi Notting, I am an energetic, ambitious individual who keen a passion for women’s rights in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I am a mum of three and a proud Gubbi Gubbi women from the Duungidjawu country. I am currently in my first year of my Bachelor of Midwifery at the University of Canberra.  

Receiving this scholarship will help reduce my financial stress around affording essentials to continue my degree, such as textbooks, equipment and uniforms.

Naomi Notting

Additional Scholarship, 2020

My name is Sheree Martin. I am a proud Anaiwan woman. I am currently in my 2nd year of the Away from Base Bachelor of Midwifery through the Australian Catholic University based in Brisbane. 

This scholarship will assist me with childcare fees as well as purchasing some new office supplies to assist with my students.

Sheree Martin

Additional Scholarship, 2020

My name is Tyra, I am a proud Bundjalung woman currently living in Sydney to undertake a Bachelor of Midwifery at UTS. I am passionate about being able to make a different to the lives of many, in particular Aboriginal families and becoming a registered Midwife will allow me to do that.

This scholarship will provide financial assistance that will go towards purchasing textbooks, uniforms and other essential items to complete my degree. This will be greatly beneficial as a full time student living away from home and allow me to focus on my studies with less financial pressure.

Tyra McEwen

Additional Scholarship, 2020

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