Courtney James

Category A Scholarship Recipient 2017

I am now currently half way into my Bachelor of Midwifery. I am now a second year and I am loving every minute of my hospital placement and university content. I am currently doing 3 shifts a week at various hospitals in Canberra and am learning and experiencing so much. I am spread all throughout maternity, as in my second year I am to complete 592 hours of placement. So far I have; worked with woman in the antenatal period, visited women in their homes post the birth of their baby, cared for women in the postnatal period on the ward, worked with a diverse range of women in labour and birth, have helped deliver 12 women’s babies. I am yet to experience the special care nursery at the end of this year, however am excited to be provided with such an amazing learning experience. I am maintaining high quality grades for all university units.

I have almost completed my second year of my Bachelor of Midwifery. I have assisted many women; antenatally, during their labour and birth and in the postnatal period. I have furthered my clinical and practical skills since winning the scholarship. I have received great feedback on my placements within the hospitals. I have also received amazing university grades since being awarded this scholarship, which I intend on maintaining over the rest of this year and in my final year of university.

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