Koori Maternity Services (KMS) – Maternity Update Program

Starts:  8:00am – Saturday, 29 February 2020
Ends: 4:30pm – Saturday, 17 July 2021
Type: Wprkshops
Location: Across Victoria – TO BE ADVISED
Contact: Maternity Services Education Program (MSEP)
Phone: +61 3 8345 3920
Email:  Maternityservices.Educationprogram@thewomens.org.au

The Koori Maternity Services (KMS) – Maternity Update Program provides Aboriginal Health Workers and midwives with the latest information, research, policies and guidelines influencing Victorian maternity care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers, babies and families.

Co-presenters from The Royal Women’s Hospital – Maternity Services Education Program (MSEP) team and leading community speakers.

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