Announcing New Chair of the Trust

We are very proud to introduce the new Chair of the RLIMCF, Cherisse Buzzacott

I am very happy to step up into the role as Chair. I bring my knowledge as an Aboriginal midwife to the Trust and I was at one point a student and graduate midwife, therefore I understand the financial burdens that come with studying.

I am very grateful to be given this opportunity to support the growth of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce. There is a huge need for midwives, to be able to support mothers and babies with their cultural and spiritual needs, as well as their clinical needs and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are best suited for this role. In particular with the work I am doing around implementing Birthing on Country, midwives from familiar backgrounds can ensure women are better supported in a safe and trusting space, by relating to each other’s backgrounds, and needs on another level.

My plans for the Trust are very big in terms of getting more support for funding and the promotion of the Trust. I am optimistic I can make this happen with the support of current and outgoing board directors who have many years of experience and connections to sustain the Trust for many more years.

I would also like to extend a very big thanks to Rhodanthe and others like her, who have worked tirelessly in this space for many years in highlighting the need for nurturing, growing and sustaining Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Midwives. Although she has passed her legacy will live on in our hearts and minds as we continue this important work.

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