Ruth Inall

Board of Trustees

Ruth has a long and distinguished career that has given her extensive board and governance experience. Elected to the Board of The Canberra Hospital in 1959, she went on to serve as its Deputy Chairperson from 1964 to 1967. From this early experience Ruth became interested in the question of management of individual hospitals, in particular, the organisation and costs of healthcare services and the larger questions of organizing health services for a region, a state and subsequently national systems.

One of Ruth’s other key strengths lies in her knowledge and diligence in the setting up of Associations and establishing the all-important and many, administrative procedures that are required. She has been a Foundation member and Honorary Life Member of the Australian Association of Gerontology since its inception in 1964 as well serving as Secretary of the Association for 22 years.

During this time, in 1978, together with Dick Gibson and Japanese colleagues, Ruth helped to develop the Asia/Oceania Region of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics and became its first Executive Secretary, a role she continues in to the present day.  In 1999, Ruth was awarded the Presidential Medal of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics for her long and distinguished services. Later, in 2005 she was awarded a plaque of appreciation by the Region for her 25 years of service as Executive Secretary to the Region.  In addition, in June 2010 she was awarded the OAM for services to aged care through the Australian Association of Gerontology.

With an extensive career history in management, research and organisational development Ruth is able to share her wisdom and strategic insights with the Fund so that this organisation can build solid foundations, good governance and sound business acumen. Her exemplary skills in this area have been demonstrated in the work she completed to transform the Science Centre Foundation to become the Professional Centre of Australia – managing this from its inception to the present day. This body of work enabled the Professional Centre of Australia to conform to the nomenclature of the other professional centres under the aegis of the Commonwealth Foundation. Subsequently, this led to the formation of a Commonwealth Association of Professional Centres, created in Canberra in 1996 with a grant from the Australian Government and Australia being elected to be the Coordinating Centre, with Ruth elected as the Secretary General.

In summary, Ruth brings to the Board of Trustees a wealth of experience and insight that will help ensure our effective, stable, efficient functioning and an additional level of drive to ensure we reach all of our goals and vision for the Fund.

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